Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas industry is a major contributor in the economy of the world. The price of the oil and gas determines the increase and increase of prices of various things and thus they are considered the most important resources for any country. This sector has innumerable career avenues for trained professionals who are willing to join this industry. In addition the oil and gas industry also offers a promising international career for talented employees. The popularity of this industry can be gauged by the fact that sign based courses and programs are being organized by various institutes to fulfill the growing demands of the industry.

Candor International is the ultimate staffing and consultancy unit for the GCC and European countries. We provide customized solutions, whether it is offshore or onshore! We analyze your requirements with respect to your company objectives and provide you with the best staffing solutions. Take the benefit of our job consultancy services and acquire a well trained and well experienced staff and increase your performance.

Some of the popular job categories under this major head are: The Available Positions for the Candidates are: –
  • Geology and Geophysics E&P Technical Assistant,

  • Senior Geophysicist

  • Production Seismologist

  • Oil and Field Services Records Manager

  • E&P Technical Assistant, Commercial Developer etc

  • Petroleum Engineer

  • Senior Production Manager, Senior Reservoir Engineer, Drillers etc.

  • Reservoir Engineering Senior Facilities Engineer

  • Senior Reservoir Engineers, Senior Production Engineer, etc

  • Senior Facilities Engineer, Senior Reservoir Engineers, Senior Production Engineer etc.

  • Contract Positions Geo-Technician, Shutdown Manager, Senior Reservoir Engineer, etc

  • Commercial/Sales/Marketing Manager, Commercial Developer, Business Development Manager, etc

Some of the important positions for which we provide candidates are:
  • Project Managers

  • Engineers – (Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Design and Instrument)

  • Safety Engineers

  • QA/QC Engineers

  • Operation Technicians

  • Welders

  • Sheet metal Fabricators

  • Pipe Fitters

  • Scaff Holders

  • Riggers other skilled , semi skilled and un-skilled Labors

  • NDT technicians, drilling supervisors / engineers

One of the largest staffing agencies, we have separate divisions for every sector. For Oil and Gas, have a large pool of trained Engineers and Technicians who are determined to work in this sector. They are flexible enough to work in any time zone. With immensely talented and qualified professionals, we are certainly the best in business!

The profit and loss in the Oil and Gas industry has a great effect on the global economy. The success of this industry has opened infinite jobs for the potential employees. With many projects being abroad based, employees are required for a number of jobs like concept, design, building, supervision and operations.

Why Us
  • Providing a Support and Cooperation as desired from an experienced Recruitment Service.

  • Saving time, money and energy by providing a skilled workforce at the earliest

  • Helping in starting a project without delay.

  • Experience and ability to track employees from India as well as abroad.

  • Catering to the needs of a rich client base of the reputed oil companies, onshore or offshore.

  • Skilled, Sincere and Experienced Employees from Oil and Gas field.

  • By working with both the prospective employees and the recruiting companies, we make the best available for you.

  • Cost effective and Hassle free Recruitment services

  • The employees play a very important role in the progress of a company and they become more important when it concerns an industry as important as the Oil and Gas Industry. So why worry or look elsewhere, just call or contact us and give your company a glistening success!