Garment & FMGC

Encouraged by the popularity garnered by the Fashion Industry, the Garment industry has become one of the most successful industries of the world. With the passage of time, Fashion has gone through many changes. In the past, it represented modern clothing with a dash of uniqueness. Now it has become a synonym for Comfort and elegance. Any dress which you carry and feel comfortable in is the idea of fashion today. But the fashion industry is constantly in need of talented and experienced candidates possessing designing capabilities of high caliber for increasing productivity.

Candor International is the global staffing and consulting firm which is known for providing top class talents to diverse industries. We very well understand the requirements and challenges of the fashion/garment industry. Therefore, not only provide cost effective and hassle free services but we also help guiding the candidates psychologically for comfortable and tension free working of the candidates.

Why Select Us:

We are well informed about the events and changes taking place in the field of FMCG and apparels. Being a popular recruitment agency for the Garment Industry, we have a well organized procedure. We provide our services efficiently and in a timely manner.

We are expert in providing talented and dedicated candidates for a number of departments like Fashion Designing, Marketing, Textile Designing, Garment Manufacturing and FMCG Recruitment Consultants etc. By being a Boutique Human Resources Firm we cater to the FMCG & garment industry at global platforms.

We are one of the most experienced and performance oriented FMCG Recruitment consultants supervised by the Industry professionals.

We have the expertise to identity and groom the candidates having the talent, skill as well as the aptitude required to succeed in this sector.

We shortlist the candidates with a view of the target consumers of these two industries and their satisfaction is our priority.

Candor International is not only a Recruitment Agency but it is a partner for you, which desires your success! Garment Industry is achieving new heights owing to the experiments done by the Fashion designers. The need is just a few diligent employees to take the mantle forward. So call or Contact us and beautifully design your success!