IT / Call Centers

The booming ICE age (Information, Communication and Technology) has increased the need for competent and skillful personnel in the Information Technology (IT) sector. The eye opening success of this sector in the current years has opened avenues for the computer professionals at various levels. Be it the technical brains or the routine maintenance staff, everyone is important in this demanding world of computers.

As the IT industry encompasses diverse industries, it covers others sectors like Banking, Finance, Accounting, Legal, Medical etc. Apart from computers, the professionals have to well-versed in these areas to achieve success in the IT Industry.

Candor International is a leading staffing and consulting agency catering to the requirements of the GCC and European countries. The IT sector is one of the most important sectors for us as it has an extensive outreach and its efficiency is extremely crucial for other sectors. By providing talented and skilled candidates we enable the firms to streamline their business with the help of technology and technically sound professionals.

We provide candidates for the various job openings in this industry like –

  • Computer Engineers, (Software & Hardware)

  • Computer Equipment Repairers

  • Database Administrators

  • Computer and Information System Manager

  • Sales and marketing

  • Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)

  • Data Entry and Computer Operators

  • Web developers

  • System Designing

  • Programming specialists

  • Assembling Operators

  • Web designers

  • Project managers

This industry covers many other digital fields also like video processing, wireless technology, cellular technology, telephone technology and satellite communication etc.

With the help of our in-depth understanding of the industry and the objectives of our clients, we try to provide the suitable candidate for you. We include your requirements while short listing them. Apart from their academic and professional qualifications, we also stress on their ability to fit in the organization.

We provide both permanent as well as short term employees. In case you need assistance for a project, we have the candidates carrying the expertise! You can sign a Mutual Contract and in case the project is based overseas, we will take care of the traveling and ticketing of the employee. You just have to focus on the project while Candor International is there to take care of the rest!

So why wait! We provide cost effective and hassle free services. So just call or contact us and give your business digital transformation!