Recruitment Agencies in Nepal

Nepal, this nation is famous worldwide for the great Mt. Everest and Brave natives. Candor International, your trusted recruitment agency in Nepal helps you to attain the best employees from this region for your organization.

The mantra for success at any top organization today is global recruitment. This can only be made possible with the help of end-to-end recruitment solutions from recruitment agencies in Nepal. If employers are able to pick employees from different parts of the world, they succeed in creating a uniform business culture. Our recruitment agencies helps in achieving the same in Nepal. We believe that each individual gets to learn from the other in such an environment. We earnestly try to search an employee who perfectly fits your requirements and is capable of completing the job efficiently. Our aim is to become your partner in taking your business to the top.

Special Features –

  • – Candor International, the premier Recruitment Agency in Nepal
  • – Catering to the employment needs of GCC Countries
  • – Providing skilled and experienced Employees
  • – For Private as well as Public Sectors
  • – For contract based as well as long term vacancies
  • – Proper Documentation Check, Screening and Eligibility Tests
  • – Nominal Rates for the Recruitment Process
  • – Contact us for prompt and trustworthy staffing solutions

Why Candor International?

The Nepali Employees are known for their bravery and loyalty. The Nepalese are faithful as well as courageous and work hard to give you the best results. Due to these reasons, the GCC Countries are very interested in hiring Nepali Employees. Now you too can make your company grow by using the help of a recruitment agency like ours to pick candidates of your choice. At Candor International, we always follow the requirements of our clients- recruiting from the country of their choice. Candidates have many documentation formalities to be completed, which includes visa processing as well. You would not want to waste too much time looking into these details, would you? This is the major reason behind our existence.

Now there are different industries from which employers contact us for their employment needs. These industries are highly diverse in nature, and have differential requirements. Aviation, petroleum, construction, hospitals, hotels, roads and marine engineering are just some of the industries that we are associated with.

Leading recruitment agencies in Nepal that coverage all Industries & Sectors

Our recruitment agency keeps in mind requirements of specific industry sectors. For example, the Mining sector will have a different requirement as compared to the Aviation sector.
The initial Research and Shortlisting of candidates is done by our expert recruitment agencies team. Sometimes companies also ask us to finalize the candidates if considered highly suitable.

Recruitment agencies in Nepal like ours know the requirement procedures of the local industries, well enough to take decisions. We stress on documentation a lot to check the background of the candidate. The background is immensely necessary to know the nature of the person. Stability is another cause of concern in case of permanent employment. We give the employer also the freedom to meet the employee to enable them to develop a rapport prior to the appointment. Only after a couple of screenings and eligibility tests do we present the shortlisted candidate for your approval.

Candor International always works in the benefit of our partner organizations. You can enjoy hassle free and cost effective services when you get into a partnership with us. Your success is our aim. So just call or contact us in Nepal and choose a loyal and disciplined employee for your organization!