Recruitment Agencies In India

Employers looking for suitable professionals in different fields need to get in touch with recruitment agencies in India which provide end-to-end recruitment solutions. Candor International, the premier recruitment agency which is fast scaling the heights in the field of recruitment acknowledges that India is a country with vast human resources, both fresh as well as skilled in nature. Depending on company requirements, employers can get in touch with us for the recruitment of suitable candidates. And we promise we will provide you with the perfect candidate for the job.

India, the most popular hub of skilled employees around the world! It is the one place where you are sure to find hard working, trustworthy and talented employees, eager for jobs overseas!

The Recruitment Process
To recruit the best candidates, we follow rigorous documentation procedures that ensure that the appropriate background checks are made. This is very important to ensure the stability of a candidate at an organization. This is followed by rounds screening and tests if needed. We believe in transparency and even conduct client and candidate meetings. The meeting helps the employer to interview the candidate and analyze his skills for the proposed job. Only when the qualifications of the candidate matches with the requirement of the client, do we complete the recruitment procedure. Our staff is dedicated towards creation of employment opportunities and can fulfill every need of an employer.

Candor International is the best rated and professional recruitment agencies in India offering recruitment in all sectors from India’s leading recruitment agency for gulf and European countries.

Special Features –
– Candor International, the premier Recruitment Agency.
– Catering to the employment needs of GCC and European Countries.
– Providing skilled and experienced Employees.
– Employees for Private as well as Public Sectors.
– Fully equipped Trade and Testing Centres to test workers.
– Proper Documentation Check, Screening and Eligibility Tests.
– Contact us for prompt and trustworthy staffing solutions.
India Recruitment and Staffing Solutions
Candor International handles a wide number of industries. Some of these industries include hospitality, electro-mechanical, fertilizer plants, construction, roads and highways, oil and gas, and aviation. Skills required in each of these industries are unique and different from each other. Infrastructure around the world, especially in India, is expanding at a frenetic pace. This is made possible only by recruitment of trained professionals who meet the needs of their employers, just like infrastructure, petroleum also forms the pillar of an economy’s growth.

Large companies can have both urgent vacancies as well as long term strategic talent acquisition plans. Recruitment agencies in India such as ours help in meeting both these requirements. We are constantly on the lookout for talented individuals who are capable of adding value to corporations. Such talented manpower helps in taking businesses up to the next level.

Candor International has specialized recruitment teams who help in hiring both permanent and contract-based employees. We always keep client satisfaction in mind. We see to it that both employee and employer are in sync prior to employment.