We Aspire Mechanical & Electrical Services LLC are a well-known company in Abu Dhabi, UAE for all services in various disciplines of the engineering field. We work with industries such as steel, construction, power & water, chemical, oil & gas.

Our expertise lies in the desalination of seawater, potable water and gas. We are engaged in the business of manufacturing Filters for Sea Water and are the best Strainer Fabrication Supplier. The strainers that we manufacture are made out of stainless steel and Duplex steel. These are important sections in the entire piping system to keep the entire mechanism running smoothly.

We are the Strainer Fabrication Supplier for all types of strainers namely Y type, T type and basket types. We manufacture powerful strainers that can withstand high pressure and need minimal maintenance. Strainers are very important in the filtration process to keep away contaminants from liquids and gas supply lines. Failure in the filtration process may damage the equipment.

Our company manufactures the best Filters for Sea Water . Sea water has highly corrosive materials such as sand and other tiny particles that may render maritime industry types of equipment useless. Our Filters for Sea Water separate salt from seawater and make them usable for various purposes.

Sea water filters are designed to keep out contaminants from seawater to the maximum possible extent. Our Filters for Sea Water are in stainless steel and Duplex steel material. These are considered the best anti-corrosive materials.

Order your Filters for Sea Water and Strainers from us today.