Fabrication Services

Aspire Mechanical & Electrical Services LLC is a well-reputed company in Abu Dhabi, UAE for all services in the engineering field. We work closely with several industries such as steel, construction, power & water, chemical, oil & gas that require Fabrication Service in UAE . We provide the best services for the fabrication of carbon steel, stainless steel, and alloy steel among many other services.


We rank at the top among the Steel Fabrication Companies in UAE . Our steel fabrication services are conducted by cutting, bending and assembling techniques by an expert team that handles work with a sharp eye on customer satisfaction.


Alloy steel fabrications are varied. They are Cu Ni, Duplex, Inconel and Super Duplex steels. Among theSteel Fabrication Companies in UAE, we undertake fabrications on fixtures, structural, non-structural and piping that include both pressure and non-pressure. We take up the work both within the workshop as well as on-site as per the convenience and requirements.


Fabrication Services in UAE covers a vast range of industrial machinery. The fabrications apply to various components such as filters, hoses, screw conveyors, strainers, cooler coils, pressure vessels, condensers, tanks and heat exchangers.

Methods such as TIG, Arc, Spot and Stud welding are applied suitably after a thorough assessment. Care and expert know-how is exercised with TIG welding with electrodes for any highly targeted welding. Arc And spot welding is done by creating sparks and current flows of electricity to join metal pieces.

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