Technical Manpower

Aspire Mechanical & Electrical Services LLC is a leading company providing all mechanical and civil engineering, and fabrication services to industries. We provide Technical Manpower Support Services in the oil & gas, water & power, and chemical sectors. We have all kinds of support services to cater to these industries with expert knowledgeable personnel.




We have an entire range of Technical Manpower Support Services that include fabricators, welders, technicians, fitters, engineers and plant operators among many others. 


Technical Manpower Support Services that we provide are skilled and well-trained enabling them to handle any kind of maintenance. We have specially skilled technicians for turbine maintenance who have the expertise to look in-depth into the functioning of all parts of a turbine. Maintenance includes oiling and greasing the parts and fitting of components of the turbines.


Our plant operators look into the coordination networks of all the machinery that make up the industrial setups. They supervise the running condition of the entire types of machinery with their technical knowledge.

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