Steel Tank Fabrication Service

A company involved in fabrication services in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Aspire Mechanical & Electrical Services LLC provides engineering services for various industries. These include steel, construction, power & water, chemical and oil & gas. We undertake Steel Tank Fabrication Services as per the suitability to various industrial sectors we work for.

Steel tank fabrication is needed in several industries that use them to store chemicals, water, oil and so on. Stainless steel tanks are particularly good for the storage of food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics to name a few. Such storage facilities are needed for the safe transportation of substances too.


At the large industrial levels, the production of Steel Tank Fabrication Service involves the process of assimilating all hardware and related components for the tanks. These benefit the storage mechanisms of the industries. It is important to understand the particular type of steel to be used for the production of steel tanks.


Mainly, two types of steel are used for the manufacture of steel tanks, carbon and stainless steel. There are further divisions of carbon steel. At Aspire Mechanical & Electrical Services we utilize the expertise of our team to provide Steel Tank Fabrication Services with the appropriate metal grade for particular industry-specific needs.

Steel Tank Fabrication Service uses both carbon steel and stainless steel. These tanks are mostly rectangular and cylindrical in shape with dimensions and features specific to the purpose. Carbon steel is a cheaper option while stainless steel qualifies better in terms of resistance to corrosion and high temperatures.

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