Sliding / Retractable / Moving Roofs or Sheds for storage areas

Aspire Mechanical and Electrical Services LLC, a company in UAE is your one shelter solution to all storage problems. Any problems with storage related to bulk materials and machinery at the industrial level will disappear with our Retractable Roofs For Storage . We cater for retractable roofs for transhipment, salt storage, biomass storage and in general and many more.

We are a distributor for reputed Sliding Roofs Manufacturer from Belgium for the storage of high-value materials or achinery, fertilizer, and recycling materials. We have an exclusive distributorship in UAE for sliding roofs with versatile aluminum and stainless steel of top quality. We manufacture sliding roofs of different measurements as per the design and requirements of our customers.

Retractable Roofs For Storage are the exact solution to any storage issues where the materials need to be kept in dry conditions. We are representative of the Sliding Roofs Manufacturer using aluminum and stainless steel. It is 100% retractable Roofs For Storage. This enables loading or unloading from trucks a very easy task.

The aluminum that we use is 100% recyclable and can be placed on temporary constructions, concrete blocks and any other structure. It gives room for optimal utilization of space for storage. We respond to customers’ requirements for insulated, fire-retardant coating readily for the manufacture of Retractable Roofs For Storage.

There are several benefits of placing your order with us. We are a company that provides sales, design, production, installation as well as service all in one place. We work as per the design and specifications given by our customers. Place your order for our products today.

Advantages of a mobile roof

  1. Optimum combination of protection and accessibility
  2. Strong structure yet extremely easy to use and lightweight
  3. Maximum capacity utilization, up to 100% opening of the roof
  4. Large spans of up to 15 meters possible
  5. Everything under one roof. Sales, design, production, installation and service
  6. Minimum maintenance through the use of high-quality materials
  7. Optimal water resistance
  8. All materials (aluminum, stainless steel, and galvanization) are corrosion-resistant and offer a guarantee for a very long
  9. service life of the sliding roof.
  10. Project support from A to Z with 1 contact person. Design phase / production / assembly / after-service
  11. Blommaert has 40 years of experience with sliding shutters and sliding roofs.
  12. Realization of 400 projects per year.
  13. High residual value because Aluminum is 100% recyclable
  14. Sliding roofs can be integrated in fixed roof structures