Soft Facial Tissue 2 Ply

Soft facial tissues, often referred to as "2-ply" tissues, are a staple in most households and public spaces due to their practicality, comfort, and versatility. These tissues are designed to provide gentle and efficient care for one of the most delicate and expressive parts of our body - our faces. 

Dual-Layer Comfort: The term "2-ply" refers to the two layers of tissue that make up each sheet. This dual-layer design is what distinguishes soft facial tissues from their single-ply counterparts. The presence of two layers makes these tissues extra soft and gentle on the skin.

Plush Texture: Soft facial tissues are carefully crafted to offer a plush, luxurious texture. This texture is a significant advantage when it comes to wiping, blowing your nose, or removing makeup, as it minimizes the risk of skin irritation.

Strength and Absorbency: the dual-ply construction enhances absorbency, making these tissues highly effective at handling spills and providing a reliable solution for everyday cleaning and personal care needs.

Versatility: Soft facial tissues are versatile in their use. They are perfect for personal hygiene, including wiping your face, hands, and nose, and they are often used as a gentle alternative to toilet paper. They are also ideal for removing makeup, as the soft layers won't irritate your skin. Additionally, these tissues are commonly used during cold and allergy seasons to provide comfort while blowing your nose.

Hypoallergenic and Safe: Many soft facial tissues are hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, which makes them suitable for people with sensitive skin or allergies. The gentle nature of these tissues means they are less likely to cause skin irritation or trigger allergic reactions.

Convenience: Soft facial tissues are available in various convenient forms, including individual pocket-sized packs, decorative tissue boxes for home use, and larger multi-pack options. This wide range of packaging options ensures that you can have them readily available wherever you need them.


Brand Name  Sheet Per Box Sheet Size Packing Box per curtain
 Phoenix 150 21 cm * 22 cm  30
Phoenix Boutique 100 21 cm * 19 cm  30 
Hiba 100 21 cm * 19 cm  42
  150 21 cm * 19 cm  30