• Stud Bolts

    Stud Bolts

    For Creating A Sturdy Flange Between Two Surfaces, Stud Bolts Are Used On A Huge Scale. A Stud Bolt Is Crafted...

  • Hex.Bolts

    Hex Bolts

    Hex Bolts Are Industry Fasteners Used For Connecting Two Surfaces Firmly. Manufactured In Different Sizes, The...

  • Anchor bolts

    Anchor Bolts

    For Connecting The Structural Element With A Non-structural Element In Concrete, Anchor Bolts Are Used. They A...

We supply a Wide Variety of Fasteners in a Range of Sizes, Grades and Materials (Even Exotic Materials) Even though many of you are likely already familiar with this term and what it entails, we at ENERGY & INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS as Fasteners Suppliers in Qatar thought it would be helpful to further explain it to you. Fasteners are a component found in many types of devices, from the insignificant home items we use on a daily basis to the high-end devices we use for entertainment. Fasteners may be considered intangible for once because we do not directly see them when purchasing something, but they are quite important in streamlining our daily lives. Every inch of what we use is kept in place by a Fastener from Fasteners Suppliers like us, from holding the workstations, chairs, and tables we sit on to the cars we drive. We are supplying wide range of Fasteners specially High Alloy Stud Bolts, Hex. Bolts required for Petrochemical Industries. 1. Stud Bolts  2. Hex. Bolts 3. Heavy Hex.Nuts 4. Spherical Faced Nuts 5. Threaded Rods 6. U-Bolts 7. Anchor Bolts